What is numerology?

Just like fortune-telling, numerology has also taken off in the world. So how can numerology be defined and what are its applications in the world? That article will help you to know more about numerology.

Numerology: Definition and Principle

Numerology is a divinatory science, just like palmistry. It has its origins in India and later in the Kabbalah. It consists of relying solely on numbers and interpreting their omen on the lives of humans. Indeed, this divinatory art is based on the principle that each number has a numerical value. Numerologists have named this value the vibratory frequency of the number. The world of numerology is divided into two sections, traditional numerology and numerology with 22. The first is Western and Latin, it has nine digits and is still called arithmancy. The second one is the 22-digit one and is rather kabbalistic, because it is the Sephiroth which has 22 as a base.

Numerology: Field of Application

In principle, given the value given by the numbers, whatever the part of numerology, it must act on any area of life where divinatory science can act. Nevertheless, numerologists or fortune-tellers using numerology are more likely to be found in fairs. In addition to these places, they can be found in traditional India where it occupies a more important place. Indeed, numbers such as birth years are coupled with astrology to establish the compatibility between the suitor and the bride. In Hindu countries, this practice is often for a marriage and the verdict of the numbers can decide whether or not the marriage will take place. But the practice is becoming more modern in the Western world, and numerologists have personal websites, like fortune-tellers, where subscribers can consult. Asking numerologists about the future, or whether the current relationship can be successful, are among the most common requests.

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