While capitalizing on our know-how, we observe that the world of analytical chemistry continues to evolve. Our favorite sample preparation technique, with its many developments and applications, has become popular and is now part of our everyday life as an analyst promoting responsible chemistry.

What else? As could be said for a famous brand of coffee capsules. 2011, 2013, 2015 and now 2017: this fourth edition that will soon bring us together has become a tradition. Indeed, this meeting allows us, in addition to the latest novelties and innovations that will be presented, to exchange our points of view, our recipes and to have a pertinent vision of the innovations devolved to this so captivating small bar.

Tirelessly, you reminded us of the success of the third installment of SBSE Technical Meeting with the quality of the 11 presentations, its number of participants (147) and their involvement and the 15 countries represented. We heard your expectation for 2017.

Knowledge is a plus but learning pushes us to move forward without forgetting our analytical roots.

All our partners, since the genesis of this project in 2010, continue to provide an unwavering support. They will always benefit from a beautiful exhibition space conducive to exchanges on their latest innovations and services. The specialized press across the Atlantic has even echoed the event and our website dedicated to this congress receives several thousand visits between each edition.

Is it possible to be always so innovative? We think so! The challenge is met by every SBSE practitioner! Indeed, this year again, their work leads us to propose new conferences that are both very original, application-oriented and of a high scientific level concerning the latest developments in technology such as Twister 2.0, Twister "on the rocks" and the Twister as the future spearhead of a control laboratory.

Let us meet again on September 18th from 10am for a full day devoted to the thermal desorption itself and the different techniques that can be associated with it. September 19th will be entirely reserved for the SBSE Workshop with 12 conferences. Exchange and enrichment are now the keys to this Workshop at the occasion of which we hope to see you.

See you all.

David Benanou


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